Vette Works International
Custom Steering Wheel for 97-04 C5
& Z06 (With Embroidery)

*Now Available for 2005-2006 C6 &
Z06 Corvettes

Enhance the look of your Custom
Steering Wheel with the addition of the
CORVETTE embroidering.
"CORVETTE" is embroidered on both
sides of your wheel in a vertical fashion.
NOTE: We recommend adding this
enhancement if your vehicle is for Show
use only.

$400.00 + shipping
(This is a core item.
Custom Steering Wheel for 97-04 C5
& Z06 (W/O Embroidery)

*Now Available for 2005-2006 C6 &
Z06 Corvettes

Choice of one or two color regions. The
top or bottom, or both, can be covered
in a color while the rest is covered in
black or carbon fiber. Solid color wheels
can also be made.

$325.00 + shipping
(This is a core item.

Below are the colors that we can customize your vehicle with:

Ebony  Cashemere Daytona Sunset Orange Black  Light Oak Pewter
Firethorn Red Torch Red Magnetic Red  Electron Blue Nassau Blue Navy Blue
Silver Arctic & Speedway White Millennium Yellow Le Mans Blue

50th Anniversary Colors: Red, Shale, Neutral

2004 Commemorative Colors: Lemans Blue, Shale, Neutral

We charge a core so you can get your parts quicker and don't have any Corvette
"downtime". The core charge will be returned to you promptly when your cores are
received. The cores must be received in good condition with no visible damage. Of
course, core exchange is optional, you may send us your parts in advance if you
choose. Core Charges are as follows:

C5/C6 Steering Wheel $300.00

C5/C6 Console Lid $140.00

C5/C6 Brake Handle $120.00

C5/C6 Shift Knobs $75.00

C6 Brake Boot $45.00

C5/C6 Door Pulls $40.00

C5 Brake Boot $35.00

C5/C6 Automatic Shift Boot $35.00


All orders are shipped via UPS Ground. You will be notified when your order is shipped
and a UPS tracking number will be provided to you.
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