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Lemans Blue Carbon Fiber Look
Lemans Blue Carbon Fiber Look
Installed Examples
Examples Of Some Of Our Custom Finishes
Available In all GM C4,C5 and C6 Colors
Carbon Fiber Look
Marble Looks
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Patterns Available For
The C4,C5 C6 and C7
Our VWI Fuel Rail Covers Can Be
Found On The E85 Pace Cars
Some Cars You Can Find VWI Painted Accessories On
Our VWI Brake Light Spoilers Have
Graced The Back Of The #3 C6R
Loose Marble
Loose Marble
Heavy Marble
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Mag Red Loose
Marble  Look
Mag Red and Silver Mix
We bring you the ultimate in Corvette customization VWI Custom Finished Corvette Accessories. Our paint process allows us to offer
several custom finishes in all your Corvettes GM colors for C4,C5 C6 and C7, even Aztec Gold and Fairway Green. Our process can be
done on any plastic piece of your Corvettes exterior,interior and engine compartment.

We offer Solid Colors,Carbon Fiber Look, Marble Look, Granite Look, Snake Skin Look, Swirl, Splash, all of which that can all be done
in your Cars color!!! Some of  our finishes like Marble and Swirl are as unique as your finger print because no two patterns are the
same. If you are just looking for the look of Black or Dark Gray Carbon Fiber we can do that too. We also offer many woodgrain finishes
as well for your interior.

Many people ask “what makes your painted parts or hydrocarbon parts better then the others I’ve seen on the Internet?” “Or your
finished parts are more money then I have seen similar parts for somewhere else” or “Isn’t all  paint and hydrocarbon the same?”
Sometimes I Joke and will tell them that you’ll know why ours are a little more money and what the difference is when your car is
parked next to one of our customers cars at a show and our customer has a big grin on his face because he just took home best
engine compartment or best interior!

The facts are that we take every job on a personal us it isn’t just any old parts..they have a name on them..This is Johns
FRCs….This is Franks center console…this is Marks engine compartment and he has a show two weeks from today. We take pride in
what we do. We like to talk with our customers and plan out their Corvette. Our finished parts are geared towards the highest end of
show cars. Our prices are higher because we use superior PPG paints and clears when doing our paint as well as our hydrographic
work. We also use 3 to 6 coats of clear and we wet sand and buff each piece after it is finished for the ultimate shine. On parts like Fuel
Rail Covers and Airbridges we include 3D polyurethane script and emblems which are the highest end available on the market. There
are a couple other companies out there doing paint and hydroclad parts, many who sub the work to a third party and use bargain paints
and clears. It just doesn’t have the look of our parts. We will put the look of our finished parts up against anyones! Everything is done in-
house at our shop in Holder Florida. We have done parts on everything from motorcycles to Lamborghinis to $300,000 SEMA Show
cars and projects for numerous companies and individuals. Just gives us a call and let us know what you would like to have done..and
we will see what we can do for you.

How parts can be ordered:
(1) You can order new Gm pieces done in our process without sending in your cores to be painted. (2) You can send in your pieces to
be finished in our process. Either way you will need to allow about 2 weeks to receive your pieces. Also if you have a custom painted
Corvette and you know your paint code, we can do our process for you as well.
Burl Wood Look
Atomic Ornage
Magnetic Red
Dark Carbon
Jetstream Blue
Torch Red
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Speed Channel Project Cars
1000's Of Award Winning Show Vettes
Nassau Blue Loose Marble
Lemans Blue Splash
Available In All Corvette Body Colors
Available In All Corvette Body Colors
Available In All Corvette Body Colors
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