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In House Custom Paint And Hydroclad Service
We bring you the ultimate in Car,Truck,Bike, and Aircraft customization with Our Custom Hydroclad  and
Paint Services. Our paint process allows us to offer several custom finishes in any paint color all we
need to know is your paint code. Our process can be done on any plastic piece of your vehicles
exterior,interior and engine compartment. We use PPG Paints and Clears that are used on most show
car paint jobs. After your part is finished in our process, it is wet sanded and buffed by hand to a brilliant
show quality shine.If your pieces are textured that is not a problem, we sand them smooth before we
begin our process. No job is to big or to small for us!!! If you are looking to have just a few pieces done
or every piece on your show car we have you covered!!!! If you are a dealership looking to offer
something extra to your customers we offer wholesale to businesses!!! If your a company looking for
mass production we have you covered also!!!

We offer Solid Colors,Carbon Fiber Look, Marble Look, Granite Look, Snake Skin Look, Streak look,
Splash, and several other finishes, all of which that can all be done in your vehicles color!!! Some of  our
finishes like Marble and Streak are as unique as your finger print because no two patterns are the same.
Also If you are just looking for the look of Black or Dark Gray Carbon Fiber instead of color match, we
can do that too. We also offer many woodgrain finishes as well for your interior

All you need to do is send in your pieces to be finished in our process. You will need to allow about 3
weeks to receive your pieces. Also if you have a custom painted vehicle and you know your paint code,
we can do our process for you as well. Call today for a price quote and more information (813) 766-2181
we are here to help!

Our Quality Speaks For Itself and We Will Go Head To Head ON Quality Comparison With Our
Competitors Any Day Of The Week .... And Our Competition Knows That!!!!
Our Hydroclad Fuel Rail Covers Can
Be Found On GM's E85 Pace Cars
Some Vehicles You Can Find Our Hydroclad Accessories On
Our Hydroclad Finished Parts Can
Be Found On SEMA Show Cars
Our Hydroclad Brake Light Spoilers
Have Graced The Back Of The #3
C6R Corvette
Our Hydroclad Parts Can Be
Found On Numerous Award
Winning Show Cars
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