Vette Works International
Corvette C6 Painted Fuel Rail Covers  LS7  
Painted Splash Look
All Our Splash Finishes Are Available In Every C6 Color
Artic White, Black, Lemans Blue,Precision Red, Victory Red, Millennium
Yellow,Sunset Orange Pearl,Light Tarnished Silver,Velocity
Yellow,Machine Silver, Daytona Sunet Orange, Monterey Red,Atomic
Orange, Jetstream Blue, Crystal Red
We bring you the ultimate in Corvette customization VWI Custom Finished Corvette
Accessories. Our patent pending paint process allows us to offer several custom
finishes in all your Corvettes GM colors for C5 and C6, even Aztec Gold and Fairway
Green. Our process can be done on any plastic piece of your Corvettes
exterior,interior and engine compartment. After your part is finished in our process, it
is wet sanded and buffed by hand to a brilliant show quality shine. If your looking to
have everyone crowded around your Vette, and be the star at the show,then VWI is
what you need!!!

We offer
Solid Colors,Carbon Fiber Look, Marble Look, Granite Look, Snake
Skin Look, Swirl, Splash, and Check
!!! Some of finishes like marble and Swirl are
as unique as your finger print because no two patterns are the same. Our products
can be ordered in two ways (1) You can order pieces done in our process without
sending in your cores to be painted. (2) You can send in your pieces to be finished in
our process. Either way you will need to allow about two weeks to receive your pieces.
Also if you have a custom painted Corvette and you know your paint code, we can do
our process for you as well. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at
(813) 766-2181 we are here to help!
Why Choose VWI To Paint Your Fuel Rails
There are many  other companies out there doing paint and hydrographic parts. Most are cheaper then us and
if your sole purpose is just to save money and you don't really care to much about looks..i'd say save the
money. But if you want the best looking and you pride yourself in your Corvette and you want others to look at it
and get the WOW factor..I'd go with Us. Cheap paints and Bargain clears give poor milky looking results. Poor
prep work on the parts before base give poor results..some of these company don't even sand the texture off of
the part before they prime and base it..yeah they are only $319 But??? Also Most of the hydrographic
companies doing carbon fibers and marbles don't color match to the Corvette body colors..So there
Red..Blue..or Yellow..Isn't a perfect match for your Torch Red,Lemans Blue and Velocity Yellow. Our Colors are

We use Only the Highest Quality PPG Paints and Clears. We shoot 5 to 6 Coats of PPG Clear on every part we
do. We also wet sand and buff each piece by hand. You get a flawless show finish!!! Every order is paint to mass produced painted rails setting on a shelf. Our painted parts are found on show vehicles that cost
a quarter of a million dollars to build...everything from Retro mod  60's Vettes and Custom street
custom choppers and event build cars for shows like SEMA. You will not be disappointed!!!
C6 LS7 Painted Fuel Rail Covers Splash Look  $450
$360 to Paint Your Fuel Rail Covers
Splash Look Has The Color Of Your Car Plus Black And Silver
You Get To Choice Your Script Style
Polyurethane 3D Letters available
White, Millennium Yellow,Velocity
,Silver,Brushed aluminum,
Black, Red, Dark blue, US Atomic
Orange, Jetstream Blue. We Can Also
Custom Make Colors upon request!!!
Corvettes That Our Custom Painted Parts Can Be Found On
Our Custom Painted Corvette Fuel Rails Are On The E85 ZO6 Pace Cars,
And Our Custom Painted Third Brake Light Spoilers Have Graced The Back
Of The #3 Corvette C6R
Custom Finished Corvette Accessories