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Corvette C4 91-96  Domed 3D Rear Letters
Corvette C4 91-96 Rear decal letter inserts $49.00 On Sale $39.00
available in:  Black, Chrome,Silver,Gold,Red, Brake Light Red
GM Licensed domed letters manufactured by Vette Works Int'l.

These self adhesive domed letters are design to fit into the recess letters on the 91-96 rear

Domed 3 Dimensional Look..Do not be fooled by the other flat vinyl versions on the market

One Piece Construction. Complete Dome

Self Adhesive.

Item comes with 3M Primer 94 Adhesion Promoter Pen to aid in application.

Clear, flexible, polyurethane doming material is designed to dent and rebound instead of
scratching. Outdoors: It has been laboratory tested to withstand the equivalent of three years of
Florida sunlight in a salt-water mist without any shrinkage, yellowing, or deterioration.

Item is available in the Following Colors:





Gold Foil

Reflective/Brake Light Red