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1985-91 Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
CRC EZ-ON Exhaust Tips give your 1985-91 C4 exhaust a
crisp, distinctive look with almost no work. Simply slide a
tip on each exhaust pipe and tighten the pre-installed
"tiger feet" clamps. These clamps securely fasten the tip
so it won't come loose. Order these CRC EZ-ON Exhaust
Tips, take a few minutes to install them, and get a great
looking C4 exhaust.

1614-336 1985-91 Corvette Exhaust Tips, Polished
Stainless Steel
C4 Corvette Exhaust Extensions 1985-1996 LT1
Style Stainless Steel
These Corvette LT1 Style Exhaust Extensions match the
rear bumper openings and give your 1985-1991 Corvette
for a custom look similar to 1992-1996 Corvette. High
quality, stainless steel construction is your guarantee of
long life and great looks. The 1992-1996 extensions
cover your existing tips with polished stainless steel.
Extensions install easily with no modification. Hardware
and instructions included. Sold in pairs.

409 Stainless Steel Construction
Easily Installs in Minutes
OE Styling & Fit with OE Superior Durability
1985-1996 Corvette LT1 Style Stainless Steel Exhaust Extensions
1603-608 1985-91 Corvette LT1 Style Stainless Steel Exhaust Extensions $47.99  

1603-610 1992-96 Corvette LT1 Style Stainless Steel Exhaust Extensions $47.99
Corvette ZR-1 Style Exhaust Tips
Cover those stock style muffler tips with ZR-
1 Style Exhaust Tips in chrome. 15 minute
installation with no modifications to your
exhaust. Easy to follow instructions and all
mounting hardware included with each set
of 4.

​1603-614 1985-91 Corvette ZR-1 Style
Exhaust Tips, Chrome Plated (4)
C4 Corvette Exhaust Extensions 1984 Stainless Steel
Cover up the rusty muffler tips on your 1984
Corvette with our highly polished Stainless
Steel Exhaust Tips. Allowing you to adjust
the length so exhaust fumes exit farther
away, these tips help to diminish unsightly
residue on the bumper. Easy installation
requires sliding units on and clamping in
place with attaching hardware provided.

1984 Corvette Stainless Steel Exhaust
1603-622 1984 Corvette Exhaust
Extensions (set of 4)
C4 Corvette Exhaust Extensions 1985-1991 Angle Cut
Stainless Steel
The functional finishing touch that will outshine and outwear
all others, our 1985-1991 Corvette Angle Cut Exhaust
Extensions are constructed of highly durable stainless steel.
Each set is hand polished to a mirror and won't suffer from
the same rusting and peeling associated with more common
chrome extensions. The extension's angle cut design
provides a subtle late model styling update. Includes
mounting hardware and instructions and is sold in a
complete car set of 4 extensions.

409 Stainless Steel Construction
Easily Installs in Minutes
OE Styling & Fit with OE Superior Durability
1985-1991 Corvette Angle-Cut Stainless Steel Exhaust
1603-606 1985-91 Corvette Angle-Cut Stainless Steel
Exhaust Extensions, car set 4 pieces