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Corvette C4 84-96  Domed Pillar Logo (2.27" X 1.87"
Same size as 84-96 wheel logo
96 Collector
Corvette C4 Logo (2.27”X 1.87”) * Same size as 84-96 wheel logo $40.00
pair (sold in sets of 2)
available in:  84-90 Version,91-96 Version, Grandsport/40th Anniv Version,
35th Anniv Color Version, 96 Collector Edition  Version
GM Licensed domed decal manufactured by Vette Works Int'l.

This self adhesive Logo is 2.27" X 1.87" (it is the same size as the logo found on 84-96
center caps.)

Domed 3 Dimensional Look..Do not be fooled by the other flat vinyl versions on the market

One Piece Construction. Complete Dome with domed windows.

Self Adhesive.

Sold in Pairs of 2 (note 2 = $40  4 = $80)

Can be applied anywhere on your corvette's interior or exterior.

Clear, flexible, polyurethane doming material is designed to dent and rebound instead of
scratching. Outdoors: It has been laboratory tested to withstand the equivalent of three
years of Florida sunlight in a salt-water mist without any shrinkage, yellowing, or

Available in:

84-90 Version

91-96 Version

Grandsport/40th Anniv Version

35th Anniv Version

96 Collector Edition  Version