Cross-drilled and slotted rotors give the maximum braking for performance cars under all necessary braking
conditions. Precision machined holes or slots on the rotors will allow hot gases from brake pad to escape quickly to
prevent skidding or locking up. It also provides quicker response to improve faster stopping power and enhancing
the look of your car. Each rotor is also zinc plated to prevent rusting and made of the best quality metals. Cross
drilled and slotted patterns are precisely CNC machined for perfect fit to OEM specs for use with stock calipers and
stock wheels. No other modifications are needed.

Advantages of Drill Holes
  • Maximum air circulation for increased cooling. (200-250 degrees cooler)
  • Improved wet weather braking.
  • Mill balanced to prevent vibration.
  • Cooler brake pads.
  • Promote longer rotor life.

Advantages of Slots
  • Increased brake pad bite.
  • Prevents glazing between brake pads and rotors,
  • Shortens the braking distance.
  • Releases any gases, brake dust, water, and heat.

Advantages of Zinc Plating
  • Military spec. plating silver for protection against rusting on hub, edge, and vents.
  • Last longer then powder coating, clear coating, spray paint, or any other methods.
  • Although the entire rotor is zinc plated, the zinc will only remain on the areas that do not come
    into contact with the brake pads.
  • Better appearance


Slots are machined into the rotors at a 45ْ degree angle

Provides for a smooth contact between rotor and brake pad

Eliminates brake debris at the end of slots

Indicator of rotor wear

Triangular end points.

Aggressive appearance

Gases dissipate evenly throughout slots

Innovated design technology

ROUNDED SLOTS - (Design offered by all other sellers)

Brake Debris is trapped within slots, minimizing brake bite.

Outdated designed provided by ALL Other Sellers

Uneven gas distribution, maximizing the possibility of glazed rotor surface

Minimizes effectiveness of slots
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Corvette Slotted and Drilled Rotors F/R