Vette Works International
See Our Shine!
Most of these pics of our work were taken at our shop outside or at my house on the kitchen table or
bathroom using a cheap low pixel camera phone! You can't deny the shine! The first pic is a 1 off navy
carbon fiber we shines so well all you see is my bathroom reflecting in it..yes the walls are yellow
and the border has fish LOL. You Also can see my big head holding the camera phone in most. No tricks
just quality Paint Clears and Craftsmanship!
Most Of The Other Guys Shine!
There are many  other companies out there doing paint and hydrographic parts. Most are cheaper then us and
if your sole purpose is just to save money and you don't really care to much about looks..i'd say save the
money. But if you want the best looking and you pride yourself in your Corvette and you want others to look at it
and get the WOW factor..I'd go with Us. Cheap paints and Bargain clears give poor milky looking results.Poor
prep work on the parts before base give poor results..some of these company don't even sand the texture off of
the part before they prime and base it..yeah they are only $319 But??? Also Most of the hydrographic
companies doing carbon fibers and marbles don't color match to the Corvette body colors..So there
Red..Blue..or Yellow..Isn't a perfect match for your Torch Red,Lemans Blue and Velocity Yellow. Our Colors are
Then there are things we install on the parts we do like
Fuel Rail covers for free like 3d Polyurethane scripts..we
sell these for $59.99-$79.99 on our site by themselves.
We install them for free after your FRC's are
finished..they come in just about every corvette color also
plus chrome and gold..your combination of
paints..patterns and scripts are endless! Most of the
others install cheap flat vinyl scripts in 3 or 4 colors.
So have you made your decision Yet?
Milky Look
Milky Look
FRC Not Sanded Before Based
FRC Not Sanded Before Based
Shines OK,But Should Be a Mirror!
For Fun..Not Even Clear Coated Yet!